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Common Sense at the Beach

Observing people at the beach on a daily basis, year after year, you find that sometimes Common Sense does not seem so common after all. Most injuries and rescues that occur are preventable, if only people were to stop and think before doing the thing that got them into trouble.   First thing first, know… read more

Ocean Safety

Growing up at the beach as youth and being a Veteran Lifeguard of over 15 years, I have seen my share of Ocean related injuries. From small lacerations, sea urchin puncture wounds and jellyfish stings to shark bite amputations, surfboard fin injuries, spinal injuries and double drownings.     The Ocean is Inherently Dangerous.  Please… read more

Aloha. E Komo Mai.

Aloha. E Komo Mai. Welcome to Poipu Beach Arts’ Online Gallery.   Please take a few moments to peruse the various Galleries and thank you for your time and interest.   For inquiries about commissions or if you have any questions about current pieces on this website, please feel free to email me.


Over the years I have created numerous Commissioned pieces for clients looking for Unique artwork to remind them of their visit to Kauai, or to celebrate their Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary.     I would love to work with you on a commissioned piece for whatever the occasion.    Currently, there is a 4-6 week… read more

Direct Sales Policy

Aloha. As well as being represented by two of the finest Galleries on Kauai, I also provide direct sales through my Online Gallery. Pricing of my work is consistent between both Galleries and my Website. (However, each Gallery has its own Shipping and Handling policies which may affect the final price of the piece delivered… read more