Having been born and raised on Kauai, I can’t help but love the ocean. Surfing, diving, kayak fishing and beach volleyball keep me in or near the water almost every day, if only for an hour or two (usually more 🙂 ). 
Naturally, the ocean is the main theme of my artwork. Using a non traditional, multi media approach, I incorporate sand and rock and resin with acrylic paint to create one of a kind original pieces. I make all my own custom wood panels and painstakingly stretch each canvas.
After more than 15 years as a Lifeguard at Poipu Beach, I’ve recently decided to pursue my art career full time. Working 40 hours at the beach and trying to keep up with the increasing demand for commissioned pieces was challenging. Spending 5-6 hours each day in the art studio, then catching an evening surf session and sunset can’t be beat. Or waking up for a dawn patrol kayak fishing adventure, then coming home to resin a commissioned piece for a clients home.., not a bad way to live.
Thank you for viewing my artwork and website.  Please take your time enjoying the various galleries and blog posts. 
If you would like to commission a custom piece or if you have questions about a particular piece on this website, please feel free to email me.