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Common Sense at the Beach

by Aaron D. Habermann in Kauai Ocean Safety
Observing people at the beach on a daily basis, year after year, you find that sometimes Common Sense does not seem so common after all. Most injuries and rescues that occur are preventable, if only people were to stop and think before doing the thing that got them into trouble.
First thing first, know your limits. Engaging in activities like snorkeling and boogie boarding can be easy for some and life threatening to others. Just because there are fifty people snorkeling in an area doesn’t mean it’s safe for you. My general rule of thumb, being it driving or surfing or whatever, is to Assume Everyone is an Idiot! Too harsh you say? Try this. Go to Poipu Beach. Find a nice shady spot. Observe People. See the guy swimming in front of the Rip Current sign with his kids, getting pulled out to sea? Notice the mom telling her kid to stand next to the Monk Seal for a photo? Is that guy scooting across the reef on his butt because it’s too shallow to swim? How about the newly wed couple who rented boogie boards without fins heading out into the reef break where all the good surfers are surfing?
It doesn’t have to be that way. For you and those around you. A Few Tips. Swim at guarded beaches. Check with the guards if you are unfamiliar with the area. Look for Warning Signs. Both actual signage and potentially hazardous conditions and areas to be avoided. Enter and Exit the water from the same safe spot if possible or have a predetermined safe exit strategy. Calm, sandy places are best. Avoid waves crashing on rocks at all cost. Sounds logical, but every single day people come up to the Lifeguard Tower because they came in over the rocks…and what lives in between those rocks? Sea Urchins…and eels…,I could go on and on, but you get the gist of it.
Tell others about this blog. Be Safe, Be Smart, Have Fun. Aloha.
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